Targeted MR/US Fusion Transperineal Prostate Biopsy

Asheville Urological Physicians are pleased to offer Targeted MR/US Fusion Transperineal Prostate Biopsy at AdventHealth Hospital and Pardee Hospital.  

The Targeted MR/US Fusion Transperineal Prostate Biopsy is a two step process.  It begins with the Urologist ordering a MRI of the Prostate.  The images are interpreted by a Radiologist who will identify areas suspicious for cancer.  The Radiologist submits his findings to the Urologist, and the Urologist will relay the results to the patient and make plans with the surgery scheduling team to schedule the case with the patient.

The prostate fusion transperineal biopsy uses both MRI and ultrasound images to map the area around the prostate as accurately as possible.  This can reveal irregular tissues that might not show up on an ultrasound alone.  To obtain the prostate tissue for the biopsy, the Urologist puts a needle into the prostate through the skin behind the testicles (perineum).  They take a number of samples, which are sent to the pathology laboratory.  The procedure is done with intervenous sedation (twilight) and the transperineal method greatly reduces any possibility of surgical infection.

Hendersonville Office - Opening May 2024

We are pleased to announce the opening of our Hendersonville office.  The office is located 630 5th Avenue W. Hendersonville, NC 28739.  The office will be opening in early May.  Dr's Brien, Burris, Hooper, and Grimberg will have select office hours at this location. 

Same Day Appointment Requests

We realize that scheduling can sometimes be a burden.  To ease the burden, our office offers same day appointment requests with one of our Advanced Practice Providers.  The only requirement for a same day request is that you have had a visit with our office within the last 3 years.  Contact us today to make a same day appointment request.

Office Closings

2024 Closings

  • May 27th - Memorial Day
  • July 4th - Independence Day
  • Sept. 2nd - Labor day
  • Nov. 28th and 29th - Thanksgiving
  • Dec. 25th - Christmas

ProNox Nitrous Oxide System

Our Asheville office is now offering Nitrous Oxide with the ProNox Nitrous Oxide System.

  1. Available for certain in office procedures
  2. Self administered by Patient
  3. Quick Onset 
  4. Fixed 50% N2O & 50% O2 
  5. Used for Pain Management during procedure 
  6. Short Duration of Effect

Dr. Cargill's Retirement

Dr. Bare's Retirement

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